Company Profile

JugaThai Ltd is the exclusive distributor in Thailand for Gaash Lighting who was established in 1964. We provide Innovative Lighting Solutions for the technical and professional markets. At the factory located in Israel we plan, develop, manufacture a variety of luminaires. Our solutions are designed for a variety of commercial, public and institutional projects, such as offices, schools, stores and malls, hospitals, warehouses, parking lots, playing fields, streets, parks and many more.
We offer a wide range of Advanced Control Solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting, starting from basic solutions to Integrated Systems according to the concept of "Smart City". In addition, we provide end-to-end solutions in the fields of energy-efficiency and transition to LED lighting, and cater to all phases of the project, including: mapping, lighting calculations, installation, maintenance, warranty and service.

We have a lighting design center that provides professional support for engineers, architects and lighting consultants, and an engineering department, which serves as a source of knowledge for technology including global trends of transition to more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly LED lighting. The products we sell qualify for the MADE IN ISRAEL label, under the auspices of the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel (MAI). We ensure the highest quality products and view the quality and service we offer as the first and foremost factor for success.

At JugaThai Ltd we also distribute other Innovative Israeli Technologies such as:

  • A revolutionary Advanced Power System for Backup or Off Grid Energy Solutions.
  • AI Behavioral Recognition Systems with real time video intelligence for Safe and Smart Cities and other Large Enterprises.
  • A unique solution for integrating and managing large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) and Video Management Systems Networks.

Our products feature out-of-the-box deployment via a single rapid, affordable process – utilizing or connecting to existing infrastructures to reduce time-to-air.


All of our products offer immediate return on investment.


Check our Smart Solutions Section for additional information.


If you’re interested in using the best, latest and most innovative Israeli technologies in the world of IoT, smart cities, lighting solutions or energy solutions, we can help. Contact us today.


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