Off Gird Power

If your project requires Electric Power in remote areas where there’s no electric grid we got the perfect solution for you

  • 4 kW fuel cell power with unlimited run-time
  • Lower TCO than diesel-based power solutions
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Zero emissions, no noise and no vibrations
  • Off-Grid Challenges

    Hundreds of millions of people across the world live with no grid connection and in Thailand it’s not different, millions are still off the grid. Connecting rural areas to telecom and electricity is critical for improving education, health, and quality of life.
    In 2021, still large amounts of telecom towers are off-grid or in poor-grid locations powered by diesel generators, pollute the air, contaminate the soil and requiring frequent maintenance. In addition, diesel generators and fuel are prime targets for theft and vandalism.

    Off-Grid Power Solution

    The Off-Grid power solution we offer, provides the benefits of green fuel cell energy with an inexpensive and easily accessible liquid fuel – ammonia. The solution uses a patented ammonia cracking device to generate hydrogen-on-demand for powering its industry-proven hydrogen fuel cell generators.
    A single tank of ammonia provides enough fuel for a year of 24/7 operation, making it an ideal solution for use in remote locations with no grid access or where the grid is unstable.

    Green Energy at Half the Price of Diesel Solutions

    Ammonia (NH3), in its liquid form, containing twice as much hydrogen as liquid hydrogen by volume. Liquid ammonia can be stored in large tanks and is safer than propane. Established distribution channels using pipelines, barges and trucks make ammonia readily available and cheap. By deploying this Green Energy Solution we can offer, a 24x7 off-grid power at 1000 sites or more, the Solution can save you 250 million dollars or more compared to conventional diesel generator solutions.

    Some of the market segments to directly benefit from our solutions:

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