Outdoor control solution

About control solutions for outdoor lighting

Did you know? About 30% of the electricity consumption is referring to lighting uses!

Replacing existing outdoor lighting by innovative LED lighting, enables savings of up to 70% of electricity costs while improving the level of illumination. Additional savings created from a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

More savings can be performed by integration of control and monitoring systems that allow dimming of the lighting during part of the day. Intelligent use of the lighting fixtures can also contributes to extending the lighting fixture life span.

Gaash Lighting offers a number of solutions for outdoor lighting control that allow each customer to choose the type of solution that is most suitable for him. The control solutions integrated according to the customer's requirement in the lighting fixtures offered by Gaash.

What we offer?
Basic control that enables the lighting to be turned off and on.

Easy control that enables implementation of dimming scenarios performed by pre-programed driver which installed in the fixture.

An advanced lighting management system that enables control and monitoring commands for either single lighting fixture or group, collection and analysis of data from lighting fixtures, issuance of reports and more.