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Galil is a cylindrical lighting fixture with a smooth and modern design and with exceptional resistance to harsh environmental conditions.Galil has a maximum degree of tightness IP69K. It is completely impermeable to water, dust or gas (TRIPROOF).Galil available powers are 20W, 35W and 50W (60CM, 120CM and 150CM) and it has a unique optical system that allows high efficiency up to 140Lm/w while preventing glare.The body can be manufactured in two options: made of PE material with IK08, or made of PC material with IK10.The Galil is suitable for a wide range of applications such as: factories, parking lots, garages, aisles, stairwells and any environment where there is moisture, humidity, spraying liquids or fear of corrosion.

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Model name Catalog number Luminous flux Output LDT file
5Z07000 2400Lm 20W Product Page >
5Z07004 4,200Lm 35W Product Page >
5Z07002 6,000Lm 50W Product Page >