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Hercules is a professional flood lighting fixture (high mast) with wide power range of 400W to 1200W and light efficiency of up to 160lm/w. Hercules has optical units that can be precisely rotated in order to ensure desired illumination direction. A wide range of optical beams are available (15°,60°x100°,30°). Hercules suitable for a variety of applications, such as: sport fields, swimming pools, halls and warehouses and built to work in extreme temperatures of -40°C to +60°C

To watch the Hercules video, click here.

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Model name Catalog number Luminous flux Output LDT file
Hercules 400W 64,000LM 400W Product Page >
Hercules 500W 80,000Lm 500W Product Page >
Hercules 600W 96,000LM 600W Product Page >
Hercules 800W 128,000Lm 800W Product Page >
Hercules 1000W 160,000Lm 1,000W Product Page >
Hercules 1200W 192,000Lm 1,200W Product Page >