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Round Apollo

Round Apollo is a street luminaire with a modern design. The luminaire can be connected to a smart terminal unit based on RF Mesh technology. The operating system allows creating individual control scenarios for each individual luminaire or group of luminaires, and controlling them via smart mobile devices, in parallel to control via the municipal control center, with no need for any special infrastructure. Round Apollo designed for installation on the top of the light posts or on an arm, 6 meters or above.


Granite gray

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Model name Catalog number Luminous flux Output LDT file
5670044 3,700Lm 24W Product Page >
5671034 5,630Lm 40W Product Page >
5671014 7,600Lm 58W Product Page >
5671064 11,280Lm 84W Product Page >
5671004 15,040Lm 110W Product Page >