Remote Manager

Remote Power Management

The solution we offer provides:
  • Remote management, monitoring and analysis
  • Maximizes uptime of fuel cell backup power solutions s
  • Alleviates most remote site visits and maintenance
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership
  • Seamless integration with third-party SCADA systems

The Managment Challenges

With Backup or Off-Grid Power Solutions, failure is not an option. They must be ready to supply power at a moment’s notice.

Remote Manager

The Remote Manager keeps your Power Solutions ready to instantly provide Energy when you need it. Using M2M and communications technology, the Remote Manager enables you to:

  • Easily monitor the running hours, consumption, fuel levels and performance of your systems.
  • Instantly receive alerts of abnormal performance, automatically generate reports, remotely complete maintenance tasks and perform over-the-air (OTA) software upgrades.
  • Create custom reports, dashboards and connect to third-party management systems via APIs.

The Remote Manager supports two types of remote edge smart controllers:

  • Professional for managing fuel cell solutions.
  • Enterprise for managing fuel cell solutions and third-party solutions at utility and telecom substations

How it works ?

The Remote Manager is comprised of three parts:

  • Remote edge layer
  • Central server and
  • User application.

Remote Edge Layer

Smart controllers connected to remote fuel cell power solutions and industry-standard PLCs and sensors. The controllers offer continuous bidirectional transmission of data between the remote systems and the management server using encrypted communications.

Management Server

Based on a secure cloud or private network, fully-redundant management servers communicate with the smart controllers and securely store all data in an industry-standard, encrypted database. The management server offers powerful, event-driven business logic, robust network and device management and can be easily integrated with Web APIs and third-party SCADA systems.

User Application

The user application is an intuitive management console that is used to setup and manage remote systems. Continuous data collection, remote device management, analysis of key performance indicators and real-time alerts ensure the readiness of your Power Solution and greatly reduce maintenance costs.

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